If you want hostel Sukhothai

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If you want hostel  /// We are a space for traveller who want to be the part of Sukhothai. We prepare the space of sharing for everyone. You will meet a lot of good people who looking for the same things are connecting and sharing people with goodness.

Become our CO-HOST …. try to be the volunteer help us create the  social changing

Every 10% that you book our bed directly via ifyouwanthostel@gmail.com will support our social project.


Our Social Project

We believe everyone has something to share to this world. Our hostel give you a chance to be volunteer in many project ; #schoolexperience #cleanwalk #sundayenglishclass #communitysurvey #bettersukhothai


Culture Exchange

We bring our guest to the local school near by our hostel to helping student improve their English speaking skill.

We work together with the school and the teacher to apply the learning program to let student meet the traveller for learning new experience.

In the other hand, traveller will got new experience from talking with local student about their area, culture, living.

This activity will be happen almost everyday (Monday – Friday) depend on school day and activty.


Clean Walk

We ask everyone in sukhothai to join our clean walk activity to keep the trash from the road around our hostel and sukhothai new town area every Tuesday morning from 7.30 – 8.30 Am.

Sunday Talk2

Sunday Culture Exchange

Except of culture exchange in the school. We do the activity every sunday morning. We let the chrildren from sukhothai come in to our lobby to meet the traveller.

Our volunteer will be the co-host to set up the activity. Everyone can join to helping improve English speaking skill for Sukhothai children and make them fun together.