Voluntourism Activity

Voluntourism Activity

Our hostel is the hostel which support the local by doing social activity and sharity activity.

We believe the best way to be the part of somewhere, you need to open your heart your soul then try to live like local people.

The voluntourism is the sytem we try to create for sustainable travelling. Voluntourism is from Volunteer + Tourism, we think the travel like volunteer will create new experience for traveller.

“Deeper” and “More feeling” you will get from this type of travelling.

Become our co-host … Try to be volunteer to live like the local.

culture Exchange

Culture Exchange

We believe everyone has something to share to this world. Everyone can share skill or experience to the other.

We bring our guest to local school near by our hostel helping the student improve their English speaking skill and learn from them about their local area and culture.

This activity can be happen on the school day, normally are Monday – Friday except of holiday.

Become our co-host … try to be volunteer to be the part of Sukhothai.



Sunday Talk2

Sunday Culture Exchange

We are the hostel where collect a lot of cool people from around the world. That why we have the idea to share this advantage to Sukhothai community.

Every sunday morning from 9 – 11 am at our lobby we do the English class for Sukhothai children.

Become our co-host … try to be volunteer to be the part of Sukhothai.



Thai cooking Exp_190517_0002

Thai Kitchen Experience in local Restaurant

Thai food is not only the good taste and fancy but also the wisdom in each dish. That is the reason why you need to do this special experience.

Learn to cook Thai food in the kitchen of local restaurant. The very authentic experience teachs by local chef. You will be volunteer in kitchen help them prepare ingredients and learn how to cook Thai dish via each customer order.

This activity will take you to the local Thai kitchen restaurant to feel like Thai people. In 1 day you will get knowing both how to cook Thai food and how Thai people eat.

900 Baht per person included drink




Clean Walk

Every Tuesday moring from 7.30 – 8.30 am our staff, volunteer, guest and other Sukhothai people will going out on the road to clean Sukhothai by collect the trash on the road.

Everyone can join for free. Share your value inside… Become our co-host … try to be volunteer to be the part of Sukhothai.


Sukhothai Lake1